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 Bracken Engineering provides a range of consulting solutions in the areas of design, forensics, construction and disaster support for insurance, legal, construction and the real estate industry. They address code, public safety, cost and risk management issues resulting from sinkholes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, severe weather, explosions, construction defects, and improper design.


The integrity of Bracken Engineering’s equity was crucial in the re-design of the new brand identity, so it was important to keep the existing “WB” logo initials as a dominating element. 

Typographically, the initials conveyed a bold and strong presence, which aligns with Bracken’s principles of an experienced and knowledge organization. Fonts were explored to determine the right characters that best represented Bracken Engineering. The orange color was selected to convey urgency, awareness, warning, and also lift the identity’s presence. 

The end result is an elevated brand that represents the core and essence of Bracken Engineering’s vision as a major consultant leader in natural catastrophes.

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